Welcome to the Naval Battle WikiEdit

The Naval Battle Wikia is a community project dedicated to the tabletop Game of Toy Warships as described by O. Orlov and R. Popov and its digital implementation.

Installing the gameEdit

Naval Battle can currently be installed anywhere SDL and a GCC-like compiler is available. In particular, it is compilable under Linux and Microsoft Windows. See Installation for some more details on the process.

Playing the gameEdit

The game of toy warships is played on a square playfield divided into rows and columns and representing a waterscape with islands, ports, shallow waters, reefs, etc. Two equal fleets are in disposal of the players. The goal of the game is to vanquish your opponent by either:

  • taking his royal port;
  • destroying all of his ships and forts;
  • forcing him to surrender.

Read the Rules for a detailed description of how the game is played.

Getting in touchEdit

The development process is focused mainly on Launchpad. You may also visit #navbattle on for some more details on the project and possible contribution.

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