Naval Battle versions are named after large historical naval battles, starting from ancient times and up to the 20th century. The main source for the list is this article from Wikipedia. A new name is taken from the list every time a new series is started, i.e. when the 2nd number in the x.y.z notation is increased.

Name Date Comment Series Started
Delta c. 1175 BC Ramses III defeats the "Sea Peoples" in the Nile delta. 0.1 2014-12-30
Name Date Comment Series Started
Alalia c.535 BC to 540 BC Carthaginians and Etruscans defeat Greeks near Alalia (now Aléria), Corsica. 0.2
Lade 494 BC Persians defeat Ionians.
Artemisium 480 BC Persians defeat Greeks.
Salamis 480 BC The Athenian navy defeats Persians.
Cumae 474 BC Syracuse and Cumae defeat Etruscans.
Eurymedon 460s BC Delian League defeats Persians.
Sybota 433 BC Corcyra and Athens defeat Corinthians.
Naupactus 429 BC Athenians defeat Spartans and Corinthians.
Pylos 425 BC Athenians defeat Spartans.